Taking a Queenslander that is over 100 years old and turning it into a contemporary, luxury space is an art form. The attention to detail in the timberwork in this project was extraordinary. Our goal was to refresh this Queenslander whilst retaining its detailed charm and tradition that had been standing proudly in Ascot since 1912. We share images below that give a sense of the level of detail we can provide for your project.

Crazy paving fireplace queensland

Crazy paving is a unique and visually captivating concrete technique involving laying irregularly shaped paving stones or concrete slabs to create a visually interesting surface giving a sense of movement and visual intrigue. Crazy paving with concrete offers a distinctive and rustic appearance to soften strict modern lines. 

ascot tennis court
polished concrete brisbane

The strength of the concrete and steel is tempered by the speckled sunlight flowing through the open back area. The games room has perfect indoor-outdoor flow.

While traditional design rules may apply when dealing with the original areas of a pre-war house, the extensions and fresh areas are open to interpretation and creation.

The Ascot Clubhouse captures all the elements of modern industrial strength below while keeping that traditional Queenslander timber charm above. The floating stairs between the levels create and airness to offset the stronger elements on the lower level.

renovating a queenslander

On the ground floor, large sliding steel doors that fold and retract connecting the indoor and  outdoor spaces seamlessly. It’s all about creating a sense of openness and freedom.

The lower level blends white timber and black steel, with crazy paving concrete for the outside area, and fine polished concrete inside the games room.   You’ll find it scattered with pockets of light and shade, creating a serene and inviting environment.

builders north brisbane
Renovating a queenslander

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